Community Health & Wellness Center

No Show Policy


The Community Health & Wellness Center is committed to “providing quality, compassionate, and professional health care that is affordable, easily accessible and without discrimination to all residents” of the greater Torrington area. The center provides comprehensive primary and preventive health care regardless of your ability to pay.


There is a very high volume of individuals waiting for appointments at our center. Appointments are in great demand. What makes this situation more difficult is the number of “patients” who do not keep their scheduled appointments and do not call in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Due to this, Community Health & Wellness Center is forced to institute a No Show Policy.

It is the Patient’s Responsibility to notify the office at least 24-48 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment to reschedule or cancel so we may offer the time to another patient waiting to be seen. When a patient misses two scheduled appointments, without notifying the office, the next requested appointment will be stand by (which means no scheduled appointment time will be given and the patient will have to sit and wait for a provider to have an opening in their schedule). Unfortunately there is no guarantee you will be seen on that day and you may have to return the next day until a provider has an opening in his/her schedule. In addition, that visit will be brief. We will not delay scheduled patients who show up on time for patients waiting on standby. By implementing this policy we believe we honor patients who schedule/keep their appointments while accommodating everyone who needs to be seen more efficiently.

Client testimonials

"I am very happy for your affordable and professional dental care." John, S., Winsted