Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic is designed to treat your musculoskeletal system by helping to restore normal joint motion, muscle function and nerve activity. Doctors of Chiropractic use a physical exam to diagnose your pain generator and use safe, effective, individualized treatment to help your body heal.

Chiropractic should be used at the first sign of musculoskeletal dysfunction or pain, because side effects are minimal and treatment has the ability to teach the patient how to use their body properly over time to avoid chronic issues or recurrence of pain.  Through interaction with the Doctor of Chiropractic, the patient becomes well educated on their body, their condition, and how small changes can have a big impact.

By addressing the incredible demands put on our bodies every day by impossible schedules, stress and lack of sleep, chiropractic can help you work toward bringing back balance. We believe you deserve to feel well enough to face your greatest (and smallest) challenges with energy and confidence, and chiropractic can help get you there. We’ll work to improve your coordination, decrease pain, improve function and try to make everyday life a little bit easier.

Satellite Locations:

FISH of Torrington
332 South Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790

Sullivan Senior Center
88 East Albert Street, Torrington, CT 06790

The Open Door Soup Kitchen
160 Main Street, Winsted, CT 06098

Torrington Soup Kitchen 
220 Prospect Street, Torrington, CT 06790

Torrington Middle School
200 Middle School Road, Torrington, CT 06790 

Oliver Wolcott Technical School
75 Oliver Street, Torrington, CT 06790